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  • Introducing the group

    The White Service Companies Group, with more than a quarter of a century activities in the customs brokerage affairs of the country, has focused on providing a wide range of services to the owners of goods in a unified manner, which is currently being done by establishing companies under the group in the field of official customs brokerage and clearance of goods from the country's customs, strip and unloading and loading of goods, warehousing under dedicated White Service warehouses, as well as insurance services and transportation of goods across the country. Now, the owners of goods, having submitted customs documents for their goods in a fully electronic manner, are able to follow their work processes and receive their goods at the desired destination in the shortest time with the highest quality of services.

  • Official customs broker

    This company is ready to provide services in Shahid Rajaei customs of Bandar Abbas, Bam customs, Anzali customs, Qom and Salafchegan customs and all Tehran customs as an official broker and holder of a brokerage license from the Customs of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the form of a legal entity with more than 80 experienced personnel in the field of various customs procedures including import, export, transit, resolving customs disputes, etc.

  • White Service warehouses complex

    It owns over fifty thousand square meters of dedicated warehouse for strip goods and also twenty thousand square meters of covered warehouse for the depot of imported goods of esteemed customers, equipped with modern equipment including CCTV cameras and concluding insurance contracts regarding fire and rain and ... to reassure the owners of the goods as much as possible about the accuracy and health of the shipments unloaded in the group warehouses.

  • Selected as the best \n warehouse of 2019

  • Strip and urban transportation

    Loading operation and unloading of goods from customs by the large fleet of urban transportation, unloading and loading of goods according to the sizing announced by the owner of the goods, equipped with complete loading equipment including roll lift truck, pack lift truck, barrel lift truck and conveyors for transporting goods in the forms of packs, bags, cartons as well as packaging and shrinkage of goods.

  • Transit and road transport

    Having integrated services, this group is now able to provide land transportation of goods services to all parts of Iran as well as services related to domestic and foreign transit to different parts of the world and vice versa, and to transfer cargo of respectable owners of goods in the shortest time.


We are proud to cooperate with many of the most prestigious brands of our country's industry and trade in Iran.

  • White Service Companies Group

    We proudly invite other bodies active in trade in the country to cooperate with us along with our dear ones support and sympathy, and continuous and round-the-clock efforts to provide better and more quality services.

  • Central Office

    12th floor, DOGOL tower, Mtahari St, Tehran, Iran

    Bandar Abbas Office & warehouse complex

    8 km of Shahid Rajaei pier road, Bandar Abbas, Iran

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